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For all of us here at 1Password, building and supporting the app is a dream job. Doing new things is the core of our culture, and we embrace it each day. Everyone in the company does customer support once a week, and we all brainstorm ways to make our customers’ experience better. Once a month, we have an all-hands call for the whole company to rally on the same page. We even go on an annual cruise to ponder the next 12 months of the journey, and to get to know each other in person. 👋

As a Herald of Support, you could be the first voice of 1Password someone has heard, or you could be the bridge between them and the development team. You could find yourself helping with a sign-in issue in the morning and updating our troubleshooting article for it in the afternoon. We are, after all, quite an agile bunch, and we get excited about doing.

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