1Password for Journalists

We believe in a free press and open Internet. If you’re a journalist working towards this goal, we want to give you the tools needed to stay safe online.

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To get started, enter your name and primary email address that you use for work below and create a 1Password account. We’ll be in touch for any qualifying information we need to make your individual account free.

1Password keeps you safe online by securing your passwords, passkeys, and other account logins, as well as files, notes and contacts that you need to do your work. Sync your data seamlessly between devices and log in to websites and apps with a single click.

Once you've created an account, read our support page for step-by-step instructions on how to set up 1Password on your devices, save all of your passwords, and more.

1Password Watchtower will alert you to known data breaches and any weak or duplicate passwords in your vaults. You can then proactively update your logins and stay secure.

Are you regularly traveling to cover stories? With Travel Mode you can safely cross borders knowing that sensitive information stored in 1Password is no longer on your device. You can then restore your data once you’ve reached your destination.