Masked Email

Add an extra layer of security to all your accounts

You don’t flash your credit card number everywhere, so why would you share your email address with every service you use?

Protect yourself from data breaches and spam with a unique email address for each account.

A hand holding a phone with a key on the screen next to a laptop with a concealed password on the screen

Easily create email addresses on the fly

Create a new masked email address without ever leaving the sign-up page. Now, keeping your email anonymous is as easy as generating a strong password.

A browser window showing a pair of hands holding a padlock with a speech bubble above it, containing a concealed password and a padlock

Take control of your privacy

Separate all your online identities and manage it all from a single account.

If you start receiving unwanted emails you can easily identify which services shared, leaked, or sold your email address. And, if you need to, you can simply switch it off.

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Why Fastmail?

Not already a Fastmail customer? Here’s why you’ll love their intelligent approach to email that puts you and your privacy first.

  • Privacy for your personal information
  • Human support team when you need them
  • Seamlessly import your email, calendars and contacts in minutes
  • Fastmail works to make the internet better for everyone through open standards and open source

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Your email address has become a way to track you on the internet. Masked Email gives you back your privacy. By creating a seamless integration between Fastmail and 1Password, you can get a new, random email address the same way you’d get a new, random password right when you’re signing up.
Ricardo Signes, CTO, Fastmail

Getting started

Learn how to connect Fastmail and 1Password so you can generate unique email addresses that protect your privacy when you create new accounts online.

  1. Sign in to your 1Password account
  2. Connect 1Password to Fastmail
  3. Start creating new emails on the fly
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