Meet the one password manager that’s ideal for your whole household.


per month for a family of 5

  • Unlimited passwords, credit cards, secure notes, and more.
  • 1 GB secure document storage.
  • Award-winning apps for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android.
  • 24/7 fast, helpful email support.
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Your family’s safe deposit box with a digital key.

Permission granted.

Decide who you share your information with and what they can do with it.

You can give your loved ones the tools to stay safe online without taking away their independence.

My step-dad is now a believer… he selects his Bank URL, and pow! He’s logged in and ready to go with online banking, while being totally protected if his computer is stolen! He is a convert now.

Patrick Waugh

Keeping it personal.

Not everything needs to be shared with the whole family. Personal vaults let everyone keep their own private passwords and documents, all managed under a single subscription.

With 1Password Families, you get…

Protection for the whole familyFive people can join in and have individual accounts on your single subscription. They don't even have to belong to the same household.

Use on all your devices — for freeDon’t stress about licenses — install 1Password on as many computers and devices as your family owns.

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