Download 1Password for Android

Android phone displaying the 1Password home screen with pinned fields, including the one-time password for an email account and Home Wi-Fi password, and “Recently Used” and “Recently Modified” sections. An Android tablet is centered in the background, showing all items across all categories in the middle column, and the detailed view for in the right column.
Download 1Password for Android

Requires Android 9.0 or later
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Get to know 1Password for Android

Get to know 1Password for Android

Learn how to autofill logins and payment cards, manage secure notes and sensitive documents, and more with 1Password for Android.

Autofill in your browser

Autofill your credentials, payment cards, and other info in Chrome, Firefox, Samsung Internet, Microsoft Edge, Brave, DuckDuckGo and Vivaldi.

Seamless sync between devices

Your data, wherever you need it. Add a new item from your phone or tablet and access it instantly in 1Password for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, or in your browser.

More than just passwords

The shopping list you share with your partner. The door code for the gym. You’re not always at your computer when you need things, but with 1Password for Android, they’re always in your pocket.

TestFlight Betas

Feeling Adventurous?

Join the beta program to be among the first to test the beta release of 1Password for Android. Beta releases are still in development, so you may experience the occasional crash – but your data is as safe as ever.

To test the beta release of 1Password for Android, open 1Password in the Google Play Store, then scroll down and tap “Join the beta.”

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