1Password Developer Tools:

Simplify and secure your development workflows

Unlock passwords, SSH keys, and infrastructure secrets in your dev tools with the tap of a fingerprint using 1Password 8.

Work from anywhere

Lock your development secrets safely in 1Password and automatically sync them across all your devices and systems.

Bring biometrics to your terminal

Use Git clients, SSH clients, or 1Password CLI with just your fingerprint or smile. No passphrase required.

Integrate with your IDE

Automatically detect plaintext secrets in code and save them to 1Password with our new extension for VS Code.

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New Feature: SSH Key Management

Generate and store SSH keys in 1Password 8 then use them in any Git or SSH client with our built-in SSH Agent.

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Easily generate new keys

Generate keys with the most secure settings in a few clicks - no need to look up ssh-keygen commands.

Utilize the 1Password SSH Agent

Our built-in SSH Agent uses the keys you store in 1Password to seamlessly authenticate Git and SSH workflows.

Improve security with less effort

  • Eliminate plaintext keys on disk
  • Private keys never leave 1Password
  • Works with many popular clients including GitHub Desktop, VS Code, FileZilla, and more

New Feature: CLI 2.0 with Biometric Unlock

Load secrets directly from your command line and automate administrative tasks.

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Supercharge your terminal workflow

Manage secrets with 1Password CLI without leaving your terminal or manually typing passwords.

  • Automate workflows
  • Batch provision users
  • Build custom integrations

Improve security with biometric unlock

Scan your fingerprint or use other biometrics to seamlessly access your 1Password vaults, execute commands, or even authenticate other CLIs via an alias.

Get 1Password for VS Code

Use our open source extension to automatically detect plaintext secrets in your code, save them to 1Password with a click, replace with secret references, and lots more.

Infrastructure Secrets Management

Securely manage infrastructure secrets and automatically load them into your server applications.

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Eliminate plaintext secrets in code

Instead of hardcoding secrets or storing them in plaintext, keep your secrets in encrypted vaults and reference them in your code with tags that are replaced at runtime.

Automatically provision secrets from 1Password

Securely access your secrets via a REST API and pass them to services that require authentication via pre-built integrations and client libraries.

Collaborate with ease

Provision secrets for your team using shared vaults that automatically sync across devices, platforms, and systems.

Over 30,000 developers are using 1Password to secure their software development workflows.

Get Started with 1Password Developer Tools

Secure your workflows and integrate 1Password into your development environment.

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Download CLI 2.0

Install 1Password CLI 2.0 and take your terminal workflow to the next level.


Integrate with 1Password

Learn how to add a Save in 1Password button to your website, so users can save information with a click.

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Secrets Automation

Secure, orchestrate, and manage your company’s infrastructure secrets with 1Password Secrets Automation.

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