1Password Developer Tools:

Simplify and secure your development workflows

Passwords, SSH keys, and infrastructure secrets are a keystroke, tap, or thumbprint away on all your devices in 1Password 8.

Streamline SSH

Generate and use SSH keys securely with just a few clicks, while improving security.

Speed up your workflows

Manage secrets and push code in the terminal using biometric unlock without interrupting your flow.

Secure your secrets

Lock your passwords, keys, and infrastructure secrets in an encrypted vault, and access them from anywhere.

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New Feature: SSH Key Management

Quickly generate, store, and use SSH keys for Git, servers, virtual machines, and more.

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Streamline your SSH key management

Generate, store, and use SSH keys with a few clicks using the built-in SSH agent.

Reduce errors during setup

Autofill your public keys into popular tools like GitHub and GitLab to reduce errors during setup.

Secure your workflows with less effort

Authenticate Git and other SSH workflows in the terminal with biometric unlock.

  • Forget manually typing in passphrases
  • Eliminate plaintext keys on your local disk
  • Your keys move with you so you can work from any device

New Feature: CLI 2.0 with Biometric Unlock

Quickly manage secrets within your terminal workflow.

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Supercharge your terminal workflow

Manage secrets in 1Password CLI 2.0 without leaving your terminal or manually typing passwords.

  • Automate workflows
  • Batch provision users
  • Build custom integrations

Improve security with biometric unlock:

Scan your fingerprint to access your vault, execute commands, or use your SSH keys. 1Password’s unrivaled security foundation is backed by multiple independent security audits focused on CLI, SSH, and system design.

Secrets management

Securely manage and access passwords, keys, and other infrastructure credentials from any device.

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Protect your secrets

Instead of hardcoding secrets or storing them in plaintext, keep your secrets in encrypted vaults and reference them in your code with variables that are replaced at runtime.

Automate infrastructure secrets

Securely access your secrets via a REST API and pass them to services that require authentication via pre-built integrations and client libraries.

Collaborate with ease

Provision secrets for your team using shared vaults that automatically sync across devices, platforms, and systems.

All the hassle of exchanging keys on different machines, adding and removing keys from the agent, entering passwords from keys, is now just one biometric authentication. This is the way SSH should be, awesome!
Marcel Kersten, Software Developer, Comline GmbH

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Integrate with 1Password

Learn how to add a Save in 1Password button to your website, so users can save information with a click.

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Secrets Automation

Secure, orchestrate, and manage your company’s infrastructure secrets with 1Password Secrets Automation.

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